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1)Simple POP email client

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1) Simple POP email client

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1)Simple POP email client

Category: Internet/ Browsers/ HTML
Level: Advanced

Description: Downloads email from a POP server

Compatibility: Microsoft Visual C++
Submitted on 8/22/2003 6:18:32 AM and accessed 3051 times.

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Love and War by Moonlight

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
2015 February 26
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download   the highest resolution version available.
Love and War by Moonlight
Image Credit & Copyright: Kevin Bourque
Explanation: Venus, named for the Roman goddess of love, and Mars, the war god's namesake, came together by moonlight in this lovely skyview, recorded on February 20 from Charleston, South Carolina, USA, planet Earth. Made in twilight with a digital camera, the three second time exposure also records earthshine illuminating the otherwise dark surface of the young crescent Moon. Of course, the Moon has moved on from this much anticipated triple conjunction. Venus still shines in the west though as the evening star, third brightest object in Earth's sky, after the Sun and the Moon itself. Seen here within almost a Moon's width of Venus, much fainter Mars approached even closer on the following evening. But Mars has since been moving slowly away from brilliant Venus, though Mars is still visible too in the western twilight.

Tomorrow's picture: just a Messier moment

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10 Example for the Scrum Certification Test Questions which are similar to certification test questions of our Scrum Master Certification, Scrum Product Owner Certification and Scrum Team Member Certification Programs:

What does NOT belong to cornerstones of the agile manifesto?
Choice-1: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Choice-2: Working software over comprehensive documentation
Choice-3: Processes over people
Choice-4: Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Choice-5: Responding to change over following a plan
Correct Answer: Choice-3 / Processes over people

What is defined by the Scrum Framework?
A) Rules & Roles
B) Document guidelines
C) Artifacts and events
Choice-1: A
Choice-2: B
Choice-3: C
Choice-4: A, B, C
Choice-5: A, C
Correct Answer: Choice-5 / A, C

What kind of software development projects can be executed by Scrum Project Management Framework?
Choice-1: Complete software packages
Choice-2: Customer projects
Choice-3: Sub-systems, components or parts of bigger systems
Choice-4: All kinds of software development projects
Choice-5: None of the given answers
Correct Answer: Choice-4 / All kinds of software development projects

Which ones of the following main roles are defined by Scrum Framework?
A) Scrum Tester
B) The Scrum Team
C) Scrum Manager
D) Scrum Master
E) Scrum Product Owner
Choice-1: A, B, C, D, E
Choice-2: B, C, D, E
Choice-3: B, D, E
Choice-4: A, B, D, E
Choice-5: A, B, C, D
Correct Answer: Choice-3 / B, D, E

Where are the customer requirements stored?
Choice-1: In the Product Backlog
Choice-2: In the Sprint Backlog
Choice-3: In a database
Choice-4: In a Scrum Product Requirement Specification
Choice-5: Nowhere. The Scrum Product Owner knows them
Correct Answer: Choice-1 / In the Product Backlog

In software engineering what are the disadvantages of the classical waterfall model?
A) End-Product has to be fully anticipated beforehand.
B) Some requirements are implemented as defined in the beginning of the project, and yet they are not really needed by the customer.
C) Each phase is strictly separated.
Choice-1: A
Choice-2: B
Choice-3: C
Choice-4: A, B
Choice-5: A, B, C
Correct Answer: Choice-5 / A, B, C

Which concept is NOT defined in the Scrum Framework?
Choice-1: Scrum Master
Choice-2: Project Manager
Choice-3: Scrum Product Owner
Choice-4: Daily Scrum
Choice-5: Scrum Product Burndown
Correct Answer: Choice-2 / Project Manager

What are the advantages of the Scrum Framework?
Choice-1: Fine-grained requirements are only defined when they are really needed.
Choice-2: All activities to design, build and test a certain functionality are kept together in one phase.
Choice-3: Changes are expected and welcomed by Scrum team.
Choice-4: All of the given answers
Choice-5: None of the given answers
Correct Answer: Choice-4 / All of the given answers

Which ones of the following main events are defined by Scrum Framework?
A) Sprint Planning Meeting
B) Sprint Retrospective Meeting
C) Sprint Review Meeting
D) Mid-Sprint Status Review Meeting
E) Daily Scrum Meeting
Choice-1: A, B, C, D, E
Choice-2: A, B, C, D
Choice-3: A, C, D, E
Choice-4: A, B, C, E
Choice-5: A, C, E
Correct Answer: Choice-4 / A, B, C, E

What is important in all Scrum projects?
A) Self-organization
B) Clear hierarchies in the company
C) Communication
D) Continuous improvement
Choice-1: A, B, C, D
Choice-2: A, C, D
Choice-3: A, D
Choice-4: A
Choice-5: A, B
Correct Answer: Choice-2 / A, C, D